Thursday, June 27, 2013

throwback thursday


Earlier this month I attended my seniors' graduation ceremony and talked to some of them, and I could see how tough senior high was for them, and also, how tough it was to leave it. As a freshman going to the sophomore year, I haven't seen the tough parts themselves, but those conversations I had with the people who had been through them convinced me that... high school years would flash before my eyes that it would be so precious. And I started to feel that it's somehow true. Yesterday I was only an awkward freshman, and now I'm preparing myself for my second (and they said, the toughest) year , and I can barely believe it. Yesterday I was graduating from junior high, and two years from now (which is a pretty short time span for me) I would wear a gorgeous kebaya to senior high graduation ceremony.

And the pictures above were actually old pictures -- some were taken months ago, and some years ago. Just a friendly reminder to myself that time would really play tricks on me :)

Have a nice day, guise! ♥
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Maira Gall