Saturday, May 25, 2013


Have you ever been really happy with someone, that you actually forgot how to be happy without them?

When it comes to love and relationships, I know there's no such thing as "I can't live without him/her", since we were all born without them. Before that person came to our lives, we lived normally and we thought it was just okay.

And when love finally knocked, we started to feel the change in our lives. We thought they changed our lives in a good way, and we enjoyed every second of our 'new' lives.. We laughed a lot, we smiled. We cried, but we were glad. (at least I think so)

But things does not always end up the way we want it, right? Even when you think it's real, and you really believe that he/she is the one... there are things that just can't be.

And we started to feel another big change. We thought we'd lost our 'happiness'. No matter how many times people told us that we still had many things going for us, it just did not feel right at that moment. The only happiness we could remember and think of is the one we experienced together with them. This applies especially when we've spent quite a lot of time with them.

After some time, we thought we'd had enough of it. We tried to mingle. Making new friends and having fun with the old ones. We tried to find distractions to keep our minds busy. And they do work, actually. But not until we found ourselves alone again, buried in our own deep thoughts : is there anyone or anything that would stay forever?

You know, I can tell that it sucks being attached to someone (or something). Let it be your beloved ones, your friends, your hobbies, or your favourite things. Because things change, for sure -- no matter how many times people tell you they would never change. And when they're finally gone, you tend to forget how to fend for yourself -- they'll leave you feeling unwanted and worthless, that you almost forget that you once had a normal (and peaceful) life far before those things happened.

What I'm trying to say is.... Is it even worth it to depend our happiness on someone or something?

Maybe that's one of the reason why I think it's just good to be alone sometimes. I may be happy with good people around (yes, I thank you, people. I do love it), but sometimes I just think I need to learn to be happy with the life of my own. That way, even when people upset us, we'd know that the biggest happiness is far inside our own hearts.

Pardon my cheesy words. Wishing you a nice and peaceful day, dear friends ♥
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Maira Gall