Monday, February 25, 2013

guess it's okay not to have an instagram

By the way, yes, I got a new analog camera. Got it as a Christmas present.... Well, not really. I actually joined a Christmas gift-exchange party among my friends last month and yeah, I picked a gift based on the number on my coupon, and I literally jumped when I tore the newspaper wrappings and read a "35mm Waterproof Camera" on the packaging. I was feeling sooooo lucky x) I haven't used it yet and now I'm planning on saving my money to buy the film rolls :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

systematic thoughts.

I received my personality test result a couple of months ago, but I just decided to share something about it now.
I had taken that kind of tests several times before, and I did not usually think of it very much. They described my potential, what I’d be good at, and such things, but I always thought of the result as something that came from some calculations and formulas, like, they just input my answers and the result came out based on what I answered, so that people who gave the exactly same answers would get the same result (hope you get it). I needed something more personal, since there must be something about me that people would not know just from my answers.
But I never thought that what they write about my personality would finally make me really anxious about myself.

They said that I, and the way I thought of things, was “too systematic” and “too organised” that I started to lack creative thoughts.
And I started to notice the truth when I decided to doodle again after months of absence (due to the heaps of tasks), and I found myself unable to decide what to draw. But hey, why did I even plan my doodles? Doodles were supposed to be random and full of crazy imagination, yes? This started to make me worried and doubtful. 

Right now I’m in a process of building back my free imagination. I attempt to create more artworks, but again, the busy school days really get me exhausted that I fall asleep quickly and have no time to do the artworks. Complicated nuff, duh? 

Anyway, what are you fighting for right now, people? Let’s wish ourselves the best of luck! ☺ I’d be back with (hopefully) more pics, so stay tuned!
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