Monday, August 20, 2012

home, sweetest home.

Happy Idul Fitri to my readers who celebrate it! Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. It must be fun going back to your hometown, spending time with your family and relatives, right?  My parents are from Belitung, but I was born in Jakarta. Jakarta became my hometown, hence I don't know how it feels to be miles away from 'home'. I did not stay for long in Jakarta, though. I spent almost my entire childhood in Tangerang, and I didn't have any vivid or remarkable memories about my place in Jakarta (I was only 1 back then!).
So yeah, whenever I say 'hometown', I'm referring to my place in Tangerang, because that's what first comes to my mind, even though my real hometown is (probably) Jakarta. Weird, uh?


Amalia Pradifera said...

You know, I love your doodles!

Vilda said...

You know, I'm speechless =)) Thank you!

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