Tuesday, July 3, 2012

old hobbies

Some of my price tags collection. I decided to continue this hobby after abandoning it for years. It started when I was like 11 or 12, when I found that some price tags were too cute to be thrown away. Some price tags were made of thick and glossy paper (I think I got them from expensive clothes), some just looked nice that I always wanted to look at them.

And I put those price tags in that Hello Kitty beads bag. My auntie made it when I was little. Actually, she also made some more of it with different patterns and colours, but this one is the only one left, since the nylon strings used were fragile. It took her quite long to make it, and it brings back good memories of my childhood, so... I love it really much. And oh, she made some keychains too! (which I always lost)

I really had strange hobbies as a kid. I remember collecting tea bag labels in a business card box (though I ended up throwing them away), making my own magazine, celebrating my doll's birthday party with me and my sister as the MCs, writing drama scripts, and loooottttsss more. What a precious childhood ♥

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Maira Gall