Sunday, July 29, 2012

if forever young really existed

"Senior high is the beginning of your adulthood. Your real life starts here."

That's what a teacher said to open the class few days ago. Well, people talk about adulthood as if it's a really terrible thing. When you grow up, people change, they said. You can't tell friends and enemies apart. You can no longer depend on people around you. People become really selfish.
Honestly, that makes me afraid of growing up. I've seen my family undergoing lots of problem, even since I was little, and that helped me to mature. I started to become deep in thought. I no longer thought of myself, and started to pay more attention to people I loved.
But still, even until now, I'm still a little kid at heart. Though I have lots of deep thoughts in mind, I can't help but looking at the world as a child.
I wonder what people will be like when I grow up. The friends I have now, who cheer me up everyday with their smiles and laughter... will they ever be my enemies? Will their smiles and laughter fade away as they face the 'reality of life'?

Well, this is why I'm calling myself naive.


Ratri Sekar~ said...

kyaa kece kakak XD

Xixia said...

This is such a sweet post.
I'm an undergrad right now, so I definitely think I'm on the fast track to becoming a full-fledged grown-up. It's terrifying, but at the same time, so exciting. ^^
♥ xixia |

JAL. said...

well, sometimes I don't like be a grown up person .. I hate this . Cause we have more problems :( But we can't avoid it, right? HAHA, sometimes I just pray to God that I don't wanna see my parents grow older, I'm afraid become old . err~

Vilda said...

@ratri : thank youuuu sis :D

@xixia: wow, is it? thanks a lot, by the way :)

@janice: yeah, the same here. but let's just wait and see! :)

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