Monday, June 25, 2012

attention seekers out there..

It starts to annoy me how some people on twitter are trying to get public attention by doing such disgraceful things: being racist, insulting religions, fan-wars, thinking that 'the more haters I get, the more I will get popular'. I don't know whether those accounts are real or fake, but begging for attention that way is just so shameful, somehow.


JAL. said...

love your drawings :D sweet

meet me,

Vilda said...

much thanks! ;)

Esther Angela said...

the grass is really nice :)

Vilda said...

well yeahh, thanks to photoshop :D

Selvi Lorraine said...

lu buat di photoshop vil?? cs berapa? aaah gila ahli bangettt. ngiriii. D:

Luvck said...

nice ^^

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