Monday, June 25, 2012

attention seekers out there..

It starts to annoy me how some people on twitter are trying to get public attention by doing such disgraceful things: being racist, insulting religions, fan-wars, thinking that 'the more haters I get, the more I will get popular'. I don't know whether those accounts are real or fake, but begging for attention that way is just so shameful, somehow.

Monday, June 18, 2012

people won't get it

I was once a really naive person. I trusted people too easily, I said everything I thought I needed to say, I did everything I thought was right, and when I said I wanted something, I really meant it. I was too honest to myself, and to people around me. Well, I was really foolish back then. And not to mention, weird.
What I don't know that time is that people would dislike me (even until now) because of my naivety. As I grew up, I did change a lot. But even now people still look at me as that naive person.

If only I could change my past, I would not act so foolish. Really.

Friday, June 8, 2012

'ready for a brighter future'

Finally, our yearbook is finished! It's a relief that we don't have to wait so long like the past years. 

 I don't know who designed the cover, but it's not bad.

 My class, 9D's pages, 'Yesterday Once More'. As I've told you, I designed these pages (though I'm still a rookie), and it was also me who first came out with the 'Back to the Childhood' idea. I designed it for A4 printing, but somehow it turns out that they made the book in smaller size, so they stretched the pics and put additional backgrounds, which I don't really like. The pics look darker than they did on the screen when I was designing them.

The back cover. By the way, they should write "Angkatan XII" instead of "Angkatan XI". Geez.

What I don't really like about this yearbook is that they didn't put the photos of the school events and our junior years in it. They didn't even put the teachers' bio. 
But the paper quality is quite a surprise for me. I was told before that they would use art paper instead of art carton, but it turns out that they used art carton! Thank the people who worked for the book!
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