Sunday, May 20, 2012

junior high: check!

I don't know if this means that I have officially graduated, but the graduation ceremony was held yesterday.

I started my junior high years as a loner. I only had few friends, and I felt it was enough. Then I started to experience many things. I met many kinds of people. I loved and being loved. I disliked and being disliked. I made mistakes, I did foolish things. I got stressed out. I got excited. And many things also happened outside school.

I'm sure things like those would also happen not only in junior high, but also during my lifetime. Ought to prepare myself for all possibilities. Fight! :)


Adelina said...

slmt ya ud lulus. hohoho :D

gmana movienya? ud ktemu yg bagus blm?

Vilda said...

thanks ya :)

belom nih, masih asik sama yang udah ada jadi belom nyari-nyari lagi ;)

Claudia Novreica said...

Congrats for your graduation, Vilda! :D

Vilda said...

thanks a lot, claudia! :D

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