Thursday, May 10, 2012

good old days

Does anybody here know any good old movies or dramas? I need more movie suggestions for my holidays. I've been watching some good ones lately, and now I'm addicted to them!

It's been quite long since I last watched a good movie in the cinema. Movies nowadays have amazing special effects and are visually pleasant, but personally, I prefer the quality of old movies. Despite the picture quality of typical old cameras and the lack of special effects, I love the natural-flowing storyline. Just saying :)


Adelina said...

Have you watched My Sister's Keeper? That's fabulous in my opinion :)

but it's not the old one..

or you can try Ramona and Beezus..

Vilda said...

No, I haven't, but I often heard about it. And yeah, people said it's worth watching :)

Thank you very much for the suggestions, btw! XX

Adelina said...

it is..
oh, i have some others: Facing the Giant and Upside :)

Vilda said...

wow, thanks again! :)

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