Thursday, April 26, 2012

freedom, at last.

Finally done with the National finals!

I'm really excited about the holidays, because this time it's REAL -- no assignments, no tests, and probably, no studying, though I still have to do some activities outside school. I actually have a list of what I'd like to do during the gap, but I don't want to end up doing too many things that I can't really enjoy the holidays, so I finally decide just to let it flow. We don't need to plan everything, right? :D

Anyway, still looking forward to the exams result. Wish us the best! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

one step ahead

Hopefully this is not my last post before the National Exams.

I've just finished designing my class yearbook pages. It was fun and challenging for a beginner like me. It's not as easy as I thought -- each pic had to be copied with many different formats, set to the right resolution, then I had to group them into folders. It's hard not to mistake one with another. And I had to go to the printing center several times -- one day I had to go at midnight! Lucky me, it only took me 2 days to finish it. To be honest, I was afraid that my friends wouldn't like my design, but it turned out that they liked it, so I'm kinda proud of that :)

And oh yes, good luck for all the 12th graders who are taking the National Exams this week, and wish us, the 9th graders the best of luck for next week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

old project

I made this photo album for my art assessment. I don't own the photos inside - I took them from magazines, because I was too lazy to go to the printing center. 

The front cover. It's a bit difficult to cut the Teddy Bears pattern that I had to do it over 2 times.

The back cover. The random stripes were made of paper cuts and fabrics.

The first page. Well, the other pages weren't that nice, so I didn't took the pics of them.

Monday, April 9, 2012


'Living young, wild, and free.' A phrase many teenagers use these days to describe themselves. I have no idea what kind of living it really is, and I'm not even sure if they really do live that way. But whenever I hear that phrase, I'm like, "Wild? Seriously?" Well, maybe I shouldn't take it literally. Don't get mad people, it's just my random thought.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

keep calm and eat chocolate.

I'm so damn tired after a week of school final exams. Feeling like taking a long nap, but I have to go to the church this evening. Yeah, it's holiday, at last. Still, we've got so many to prepare : National Exams in less than 3 weeks, the yearbook, class trip, prom night, and so on. I can't wait for the graduation, but to be honest, I don't feel like leaving Junior High.

Stay tuned, xx
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