Sunday, March 25, 2012

daily struggle


I'm delighted about the fact that I no longer have to struggle with school assignments and projects, since it's getting closer to the National Examination (I mean, it's just a month away!), and they want us to focus on it and prepare it well. I think studying for the exams is still much better than doing all the assignments -- especially when there are so many of them and the teachers don't even give us much time!

By the way, it's a bit funny how I haven't finished the makeover of this blog. You know, I'm a lazy cat and sometimes I have to force myself to look for makeover ideas. It's not always easy even to find our own style, I swear. I've changed my header like 2 times this month and now I'm planning to change it again. Phew. Maybe I'll finish it all after I'm done with the finals, so please be patient! :) And wish me a bunch of luck! xx

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