Sunday, March 25, 2012

daily struggle


I'm delighted about the fact that I no longer have to struggle with school assignments and projects, since it's getting closer to the National Examination (I mean, it's just a month away!), and they want us to focus on it and prepare it well. I think studying for the exams is still much better than doing all the assignments -- especially when there are so many of them and the teachers don't even give us much time!

By the way, it's a bit funny how I haven't finished the makeover of this blog. You know, I'm a lazy cat and sometimes I have to force myself to look for makeover ideas. It's not always easy even to find our own style, I swear. I've changed my header like 2 times this month and now I'm planning to change it again. Phew. Maybe I'll finish it all after I'm done with the finals, so please be patient! :) And wish me a bunch of luck! xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

aja aja!

[pardon my bad handwriting]

I may sound like I'm not grateful for being who I am now, but there's one thing I really want to change about my personality: my low self-esteem. Yes, though I always assure myself that I'm precious, I'm often jealous of everyone around me, feeling that I'm not as pretty as they are, that I'm not given as many talents as they have. Seriously, this is VERY unhealthy. Call me ungrateful. I'm feeling guilty, since God must have created me specially.

I should change it. Like seriously.

"Everyone's pretty. It just needs the right person too see it." -@vildawitaria

Saturday, March 10, 2012

another guilty pleasure

I know that I should be doing something more useful right now, rather than just sitting here in front of my laptop for hours, scrolling and clicking pointlessly. Well, it gives me pleasure, and also guilty feeling. I should be playing an instrument, making artworks, studying for the exams, helping my mom, and many other positive activities. Laziness is killing me slowly.

Anyway, notice my new header? I just changed it, but it doesn't look as good as my expectation. Too simple, and my doodle really sucks, since I haven't been drawing for quite a long time. But sure, my hand will soon get used to it again :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

being total?


How are things, people? Today's just another hectic day for me. Having the PE final assessment, now I'm tired like hell. With extra red bumps on my legs -- say thanks to straddle vault. Despite of the bumps I got from trying for hundred times, still, I wasn't able to jump through the box, which is simply frustrating. I decided not to do anything for the rest of this day. But the next days I still have to prepare myself for the upcoming final weeks, which means I still have to study even on the weekends. Nice one.

Wishing you bunch of luck :)

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