Sunday, February 5, 2012

woke up.

Hey there, luv! So happy to be back here! I miss blogging so bad :') Sorry for making you waiting so long, well, if you really did loljk :p I've been quite busy with my TOs, tests, assignments, and loads more. However, I also enjoyed good time with mom and fellas. Life's been so good to me :)

Since I've got nothing to talk about recently, here I upload some pics, hope they're enjoyable :)

Found that Japanese stuffs are so irresistibly cute! That's a milk chocolate bar given to my mom by someone who'd just went home from a vacation in Japan (perhaps). Looks and tastes nice :9

My favourite lemon cookies. Call me random.


Anonymous said...

aww.. japanese chocolate. it must be delicious! x3 I personally haven't tasted it yet. Is it heavy like moser-roth?

Paula Margaretha S said...

yey! long time no see haha :D
I love lemon cookies! Uber yummy !

Vilda said...

@maulia : This is also the first time for me :D haha. Hmm not really. It was pretty sweet. And yes, it's delicious indeed!

@paul: hey there! yes it IS. I even ate the whole pack myself :D

Esther Angela said...

I heart the packaging :D

Vilda said...

me too! :3

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