Wednesday, February 22, 2012

step 1 : changing the url

DEAR BLOGGERS, can I ask you a favor? I've changed my blog URL, so would you all re-link me, please? I'd be glad if you don't mind to :) Thank you very much!

As I've told before, I'm planning some changes for this blog, and I've just made the first move : changing the blog URL. I just think 'vividblack16' wasn't good enough as a URL, because of the numbers involved, which made it difficult to remember. So I just simplified it to 'vivid-black'.

Anyway, would anyone please tell me how to redirect my old URL to this new one? I've googled it and followed some sites providing the step-by-step, but still, my HTML code doesn't look like the one shown in the sites. So if you know how to, please comment below, and thank you very much, again! :* xx

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