Friday, February 10, 2012

Currently I'm planning to make some changes on my blog - the header (I'm not really satisfied with this one), the link buttons, the profile pictures, the pages, and the gadgets. I'll do it step-by-step, surely because it's gonna take me so long to finish it all, since I've got to finish some assignments and study for the finals.

Yeah, the National Examinations is getting closer. We've been given the extra lessons after school since January. There aren't many assignments to do (not as many as we had in the 1st term, at least), but there are still loads of group projects to be finished before the finals!

Gotta study hard, so wish me luck, luv!


ps. What do you think I should change on this blog? I welcome comments :)


Paula Margaretha S said...

actually I love ur new header ehe ehe :D I think it's already nice but some re-decorates would be nicer :)) well,still that's only my opinions haha. Anw, wish u luck for the final exams, I've passed it and I knew how awful it was hahaha

Vilda said...

yeah, but it just didn't really suit my concept. i wanted it to be pastel, actually haha. and yes, re-decorate is a must!
thank you btw, and good luck with ur uni life :D

AkaneD'SiLa said...

weh national examination?
good luck

Vilda said...

yeees :( thank youuuu btw! :D

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