Tuesday, February 14, 2012

another tuesday?

Some single friends said, "It's just another Tuesday."

That's a lil bit true for me, but yeah, I always think of Valentine's Day as a just-for-fun occasion. I could feel the happiness and love in the air, and that's enough to make the whole day :) and also, chocolate. 
At least, I don't hate Valentine's Day.

A box of cupcake made by my bestie, Felis. Adore the box (and also the cake!) really much. She even made the label herself! But woops, I didn't take any photos of the cake before I ate it, haha, I'm sorry.

Happy Valentine's Day, all. Much love!


Ratri Sekar~ said...

aa jadi pengen cupcake >< btw kotaknya adorable banget :3

Vilda said...

bangeett hehe :3 entah itu belinya dimana. thanks for the comment, anw

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