Sunday, February 26, 2012

new creation

I love this kind of Sundays when I go home from the church in the morning, and feeling like new the whole day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

step 1 : changing the url

DEAR BLOGGERS, can I ask you a favor? I've changed my blog URL, so would you all re-link me, please? I'd be glad if you don't mind to :) Thank you very much!

As I've told before, I'm planning some changes for this blog, and I've just made the first move : changing the blog URL. I just think 'vividblack16' wasn't good enough as a URL, because of the numbers involved, which made it difficult to remember. So I just simplified it to 'vivid-black'.

Anyway, would anyone please tell me how to redirect my old URL to this new one? I've googled it and followed some sites providing the step-by-step, but still, my HTML code doesn't look like the one shown in the sites. So if you know how to, please comment below, and thank you very much, again! :* xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another random doodle I made on my exercise book during the UN preparation class. Poorly coloured using GIMP.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

another tuesday?

Some single friends said, "It's just another Tuesday."

That's a lil bit true for me, but yeah, I always think of Valentine's Day as a just-for-fun occasion. I could feel the happiness and love in the air, and that's enough to make the whole day :) and also, chocolate. 
At least, I don't hate Valentine's Day.

A box of cupcake made by my bestie, Felis. Adore the box (and also the cake!) really much. She even made the label herself! But woops, I didn't take any photos of the cake before I ate it, haha, I'm sorry.

Happy Valentine's Day, all. Much love!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Currently I'm planning to make some changes on my blog - the header (I'm not really satisfied with this one), the link buttons, the profile pictures, the pages, and the gadgets. I'll do it step-by-step, surely because it's gonna take me so long to finish it all, since I've got to finish some assignments and study for the finals.

Yeah, the National Examinations is getting closer. We've been given the extra lessons after school since January. There aren't many assignments to do (not as many as we had in the 1st term, at least), but there are still loads of group projects to be finished before the finals!

Gotta study hard, so wish me luck, luv!


ps. What do you think I should change on this blog? I welcome comments :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

woke up.

Hey there, luv! So happy to be back here! I miss blogging so bad :') Sorry for making you waiting so long, well, if you really did loljk :p I've been quite busy with my TOs, tests, assignments, and loads more. However, I also enjoyed good time with mom and fellas. Life's been so good to me :)

Since I've got nothing to talk about recently, here I upload some pics, hope they're enjoyable :)

Found that Japanese stuffs are so irresistibly cute! That's a milk chocolate bar given to my mom by someone who'd just went home from a vacation in Japan (perhaps). Looks and tastes nice :9

My favourite lemon cookies. Call me random.

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