Monday, January 2, 2012

the late report

My new year's eve was quite unforgettable ;) shabu-ing at home with mommy and sis, drinking root beer (!), then celebrating the "old and new" at Living World and Flavor Bliss, hang-out places nearby home. Despite of the massive crowd of people and the traffic congestion, we still enjoyed the new year's eve celebration. We blended with the crowd to watch the fireworks display, which was pretty magnificent ♥

The effect of the low speed shutter. Actually there are lots more pics of the fireworks, but dunno why, the uploader doesn't work properly :(  

Anyway, today's the last day of holidays. To be honest, I'm not ready for school :( yea, haven't done any tasks. My bookshelf is still a mess, heaps of papers here and there, and more disasters. But still have to prepare myself, somehow.

Got to sleep now! Good night, luv ♥


Selvi Lorraine said...

keren fotonya -_-

Vilda said...

aaah kesel vi, fotonya aslinya banyak di kamera gw, tapi gabisa diupload -__- komputer gw abal

Selvi Lorraine said...

ih kok gituuu? sayang banget, padahal kerennnnnnnnnn! -3-

Vilda said...

iyaaa haha ini mah maen low speed, jadinya bulb effect gitu -__- bukan ini hasil yang gw harapkan LOL

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