Saturday, December 17, 2011

le birthday girl

Bonjour, I'm officially 15!

It's H+1, actually. I wasn't in the mood for posting yesterday, since I hadn't been feeling really well. I'd been vomitting since the previous day, and also been taking lots of medicine. Even until yesterday, I didn't even feel like eating, doing activities, nor listening to the music! Lost appetite, lost my sense of good music. Yeah, being sick on your special day really sucks.

Anyway, I really thank Him for the 15 years of my life. I really wish to be the totally new and better me ♥ And oh, I'd like to thank those sweet people around me. Really love you guys :*

And the last but not the least, thank you, my lovely readers and blogger fellas!


the 15 years old Vilda.


Tiffany Liu said...

happy birthday dear vilda! :D

Intan Shafa said...

happy birthdaayy xD

Anonymous said...

Happy blessed birthday vilda ^^ Wish nothing but all the best for you..

clestacille said...

Happy bday dearest Vilda ! Have a blast !

Paula Margaretha S said...

hey! happy belated day vilda ! keep gorgeous :D

Ms.Black_rabbit said...

happy birthday awesome vilda.

your biggest fans XD

Vilda said...

aaaah can say nothing but 'thank you all!' ♥ :) that's very sweet of you! God bless you all

Selvi Lorraine said...

hapeh bertdeh lageh :D

Vilda said...

thankyouuuhhh lageeh :D

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