Saturday, December 10, 2011

celebrating freedom

Glad to be back again!

And glad to have finished the exam. Well, it wasn't really easy, though. We struggled a lot because of the heaps of things we had to study. Just be prepared for the result ;) *crossed fingers
Been so happy because I no longer have to study hard (at least until that back-to-school day). I'm back to doodling, reading, taking photos, bbm-ing with friends 'til we drop, etc, etc, etc. I also took many photos of my classmates (mostly candid!), uploaded it, and found myself smiling at those photos.
And it's also getting closer to my birthday. I don't expect really much, except for the jumbo pizza (!). Also can't wait for the Christmas! ♥

Ah, just realised I've been so random in this post! So, how's your end of term, people? Wish you had a good one! Happy Saturday, and have lots of fun! :)

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