Sunday, December 25, 2011

at some point of our lives, we did believe.

When we were little, most of us used to believe in Santa Claus. Every Christmas eve, we waited for him all night. We wanted to see that kindhearted old man who always brought present for all children around the world. Our parents told us always to be nice, because Santa only loved nice children. And we believed.

As the time passed by, we all grew up. And we started to realise that Santa never existed, that all the stories about Santa were only made by adults, and used by our parents in order to tell us to be nice (because they knew we were going to believe). We were so disappointed with the fact that Santa was just a childhood fantasy. Miracle would never happen.

But only if we could see... Santa does exist in our lives. He lives around us, brings joy to us. We just don't notice him, since he's not always in a form of an old fat man in red with white beard laughing "Hohoho!". He may be in a form of people around us -- friends, teachers, parents, siblings, neighbours, and even strangers! Those who put smiles on our faces, those who bring joy to our hearts. Yes, modern Santa doesn't always come with his sleigh and reindeers :D

And maybe... we can also be a Santa in other people's lives? :)

Merry Christmas, everyone ♥ May this Christmas bring us lots of happiness and peace. God bless you xx


Selvi Lorraine said...

wooot setuju sekali! :D

Claude C Kenni said...

Nice point of view.
Walopun udah dewasa, kita masih bisa bermimpi. Tapi kita harus jadi Santa buat diri kita sendiri.

Like this post so much

Kemaren juga gua nulis tentang hal yg serupa dengan ini, kalo lu ada waktu, berkunjung ya :

Vilda said...

aah thank you both ;)

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