Thursday, December 29, 2011

life through an amateur's lens

If I was asked what word describes me the best, I'd probably answer "Random". 

Just realised I haven't posted any good photos lately. Yesterday I looked at a wedding photography service's Facebook fanpage, which inspired me so much. Surely, my camera is NOT as good as theirs, but at least I've got my passion in photography back! Taking random and meaningless photos like I always used to do gave me lots of fun and joy.

Click here for more photos!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

at some point of our lives, we did believe.

When we were little, most of us used to believe in Santa Claus. Every Christmas eve, we waited for him all night. We wanted to see that kindhearted old man who always brought present for all children around the world. Our parents told us always to be nice, because Santa only loved nice children. And we believed.

As the time passed by, we all grew up. And we started to realise that Santa never existed, that all the stories about Santa were only made by adults, and used by our parents in order to tell us to be nice (because they knew we were going to believe). We were so disappointed with the fact that Santa was just a childhood fantasy. Miracle would never happen.

But only if we could see... Santa does exist in our lives. He lives around us, brings joy to us. We just don't notice him, since he's not always in a form of an old fat man in red with white beard laughing "Hohoho!". He may be in a form of people around us -- friends, teachers, parents, siblings, neighbours, and even strangers! Those who put smiles on our faces, those who bring joy to our hearts. Yes, modern Santa doesn't always come with his sleigh and reindeers :D

And maybe... we can also be a Santa in other people's lives? :)

Merry Christmas, everyone ♥ May this Christmas bring us lots of happiness and peace. God bless you xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

new you!

Below are the gifts I received on my baptism day:

A spiritual book worth reading by Max Lucado, from a teacher :) In English, the title means 'You Change My Life'. Consists of many true short stories about the power of love, faith, hope, and giving. Very inspiring.

He also gave me these crystal rosary beads.

And... Cat's eye rosary beads from Selvi. Really love the colour of the stones!

Thank them for the amazing surprises! But actually, the greatest gift was the baptism itself :) Hope through this baptism, I can be a better person. I want to be a light for my family and society, the one who spreads love and smile to people around me. I want to be a better Vilda, who never forgets to pray...  never feels lazy to go to church... and never feels lazy to help others. Aja aja, fighting!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

le birthday girl

Bonjour, I'm officially 15!

It's H+1, actually. I wasn't in the mood for posting yesterday, since I hadn't been feeling really well. I'd been vomitting since the previous day, and also been taking lots of medicine. Even until yesterday, I didn't even feel like eating, doing activities, nor listening to the music! Lost appetite, lost my sense of good music. Yeah, being sick on your special day really sucks.

Anyway, I really thank Him for the 15 years of my life. I really wish to be the totally new and better me ♥ And oh, I'd like to thank those sweet people around me. Really love you guys :*

And the last but not the least, thank you, my lovely readers and blogger fellas!


the 15 years old Vilda.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

celebrating freedom

Glad to be back again!

And glad to have finished the exam. Well, it wasn't really easy, though. We struggled a lot because of the heaps of things we had to study. Just be prepared for the result ;) *crossed fingers
Been so happy because I no longer have to study hard (at least until that back-to-school day). I'm back to doodling, reading, taking photos, bbm-ing with friends 'til we drop, etc, etc, etc. I also took many photos of my classmates (mostly candid!), uploaded it, and found myself smiling at those photos.
And it's also getting closer to my birthday. I don't expect really much, except for the jumbo pizza (!). Also can't wait for the Christmas! ♥

Ah, just realised I've been so random in this post! So, how's your end of term, people? Wish you had a good one! Happy Saturday, and have lots of fun! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sweet oldies

Who else here misses the old days...

...when we wrote diaries instead of tweeting?
...when we printed photos and put them inside a photo album instead of uploading them to facebook?
...when we sent letters or greeting cards instead of sending e-mails and texts?
...when we played with toy cars or teddy bears instead of nintendos?
...when we used colourful floppy disks (which I found so cute) instead of flash disk?

World does change so fast.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

like a bo$$

The final exam had started. We started with maths (which made me frustrated instantly) and religion, and tomorrow we'll have civics and bahasa. Well, I'm not really prepared for the exam. I had no enough time to study as there were many assignments to finish before the report card printed. Fortunately, my friends were so helpful. The guys helped me with the IT, and the gals helped me with arts. At first, it seemed like the assignments couldn't be finished on time, but because of their help, it seemed possible :) for that, thanks a lot, peeps.

Anyway, best of luck for those who are having final exam, too! ♥

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