Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend is weekend

Things make me happy this weekend:
1. My mom's baking ♥ which is waaaay too lovely
2. It's getting closer to my sis's birthday. Too bad, I don't have enough money to buy something as a present :(
3. Learning to sketch!
4. Happy Sunday churching o:)

Things that piss me off this weekend:
My computer! It's way too slow and out of date. I'm sure it's been infected by viruses, but none of my antiviruses still work well.

How's yours, people? Have a great one!


angie said...

I also learn about sketching xD
I take challenge in google about 30 days challenge, hehe

Vilda said...

oh i see :) good luck then

clestacille said...

I love the last pic which text 'weekend '!

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