Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hello there,

Many things happened today. There was a "Go Green" event held at school today, so we all went to school. Again, my teacher asked me to take the photos of the event, and also make an article about it for school bulletin. After that, I had a lunch at a small restaurant nearby with my friend, then we went to her house to select some photos from her laptop to be printed for our assignment.

When we was about to go to SMS to print the photos, I realised I lost my IDR 41,500! I really had no idea how I could lose it. Perhaps I left it in the small restaurant where I had my lunch, or maybe the woman who served me there forgot to give me the change. I got panicked for a while, thinking about what my mom would say. I knew she wouldn't be angry, but I just couldn't stop blaming myself. My mom worked really hard to earn money, but what had I done? I suddenly felt like the most useless child in the world. 

Finally we decided not to go back to the restaurant. We kept going ahead, walking to SMS. We had a superb day there! We spent time taking photos in the food court, walking around, doing nothing, talking and laughing about everything... Well, I could forget about the lost money for a while. I remember we laughed so hard when we looked at the photos we printed, and whispered when we saw a super duper romantic couple sitting next to us at Solaria. Ok, SMS was really full of couples here and there.

Eventually, we went home after we got tired of walking. My mom picked me up, and she wasn't angry at me. But somehow I still felt so miserable about it. Even until the moment I'm typing this.

After all, today was great.

Ok, got to sleep now, people. Gonna post some photos tomorrow. Good night, and see you! xx

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Selvi Lorraine said...

waahahaha ada akuu disitu (?)

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