Wednesday, November 16, 2011

call me late

I saved a lot of special messages (you know what I mean) in my phone memory card. Well, just in case I wanted to bring back old memories. Months ago, I tried the back-up feature in my phone, and voila!, I lost quite a lot of the messages! And hours ago, when I was about to read one of the most important messages, I just realised that I lost it! Geez, it really pissed me off. If only I wasn't that curious about the back-up feature...

Okay, enough with the phone thingies.

The fact that I hate being the center of attention, especially in public, really made me feel anxious. Am I too late to improve it? I'm afraid I am. Seriously. I know I'll need such skill in my future. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my teacher chose me for a Chinese dance performance for the graduation day. I practised a lot with my friends. But on the performance day, I felt so nervous that I wasn't even brave enough to look at the audience. 
Even until today, I'm not really good in public speaking. I often forget my speech, so I end up speaking awkwardly. Oh God, help me!

Got to study now, people. See you later. Good night! :)

Roppan fail. Made this last week as my breakfast. Somehow it was still nice ♥


Dania Adela said...

and i'm that kinda person who cant speak in front of the mass.. but i think, practice will make it perfect, honey.. so let's practice! ;)

Vilda said...

yeah, so true. best of luck for us! :D

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