Monday, October 17, 2011


It's been a week since my last post. Thank God, I feel much better now ♥

And I would also thank my mom for cheering me up again. She said I should do better in high school if I really wanted to get a scholarship to my dream university. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Will I ever be there? And what to do in high school? Studying so hard? Improving my current skills? Learning new skills? Doing hobbies? Earning money? Building good relationship with others? Joining non-academic organizations? Or even... all of them? Okay, it starts to make me feel dizzy.

Maybe the first thing I should learn is to take things not too seriously.

It's dark already, and I've got to finish my assignments and study for tomorrow's maths test. Au revoir, see you later! ♥ xx

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