Sunday, August 28, 2011

an old stuff

It was 2 A.M already, but I hadn't felt sleepy at all. I was lying on my bed, texting with you, telling you something we called as 'bedtime story'. I told you the problems I had in my past. Though I was telling you about those irritating memories, I still felt happy, because of you. Well, we were just friends that time. But I'd already had a crush on you, and I thought you had the same feeling, because that was the first time I met a boy who's patient enough to listen to my pointless story until late night.

And before we decided to go to bed, I told you, "Well, I wanna go to the toilet now, but I'm.... afraid."

"What to be afraid about?" you asked.
"Err, I'm afraid that there's... something out there. Yes, something... you know what I mean. It's dark and silent outside."
I knew how silly I was.
"Don't be so afraid. Trust me, there's NOTHING. It will be just ok."
"But what if... there IS?"
"Fine. Just go ahead. Imagine that I'm beside you."
That thing you said made me stronger. And all I could say was just, "OK, WISH ME LUCK!" Ridiculous, right? Finally I ran out of my room quickly to the toilet, and jumped back to my bedroom like crazy. Yeah, you were right, there was nothing.


That was the day I started to think that you'd always be there for me to assure me that everything's not as bad as I always thought. I kept that in my mind, even until now. Although you're no longer with me, I can still find myself looking back on that day everytime I feel scared, afraid, or insecure. Sometimes I feel disappointed to know that you're no longer here, but then I realize, I can still have you in my imagination, and it's enough for me.

It doesn't mean I feel lonely. It's just me who always can't stop to look back on the sweet stuffs we left behind.

For everything, thanks.


Natasha Ellen said...

romantic... :p

Vilda said...

hehehehe iya nat :D

Natasha Ellen said...

#jangan2ituyang'capuccino'?# :3 hehe asalnebak*^^

Vilda said...

iya, bener, hehehe :) tau aja ih

Natasha Ellen said...

Goodluck 2 give the memento ;) wkwk # LOL ???# moga2 ga ngegantung, hep ending :)

ninneta said...

Hai, apakabar sahabat.... :)

Datang untuk mengucapkan,

Selamat hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.


Vilda said...

@natasha : amiiiin! :D thanks doanya

@ninneta : hi nin :) selamat idul fitri juga. mohon maaf lahir batin :)

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