Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H for those who celebrate it! :)

Below : rookie doodles and designs I made this morning. I wish I had a graphic tablet and 3D design softwares! I'm an amateur in photoshop, so if you could help me, I'd be glad ♥

MacBook Air? Not really.

Swiss Roll accessories

Barber sign fail. Hmm, I have a problem drawing parallel lines.

By the way, did you notice the new Twitter button on my sidebar? What do you think? I'm going to make some more for my pages ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

an old stuff

It was 2 A.M already, but I hadn't felt sleepy at all. I was lying on my bed, texting with you, telling you something we called as 'bedtime story'. I told you the problems I had in my past. Though I was telling you about those irritating memories, I still felt happy, because of you. Well, we were just friends that time. But I'd already had a crush on you, and I thought you had the same feeling, because that was the first time I met a boy who's patient enough to listen to my pointless story until late night.

And before we decided to go to bed, I told you, "Well, I wanna go to the toilet now, but I'm.... afraid."

"What to be afraid about?" you asked.
"Err, I'm afraid that there's... something out there. Yes, something... you know what I mean. It's dark and silent outside."
I knew how silly I was.
"Don't be so afraid. Trust me, there's NOTHING. It will be just ok."
"But what if... there IS?"
"Fine. Just go ahead. Imagine that I'm beside you."
That thing you said made me stronger. And all I could say was just, "OK, WISH ME LUCK!" Ridiculous, right? Finally I ran out of my room quickly to the toilet, and jumped back to my bedroom like crazy. Yeah, you were right, there was nothing.


That was the day I started to think that you'd always be there for me to assure me that everything's not as bad as I always thought. I kept that in my mind, even until now. Although you're no longer with me, I can still find myself looking back on that day everytime I feel scared, afraid, or insecure. Sometimes I feel disappointed to know that you're no longer here, but then I realize, I can still have you in my imagination, and it's enough for me.

It doesn't mean I feel lonely. It's just me who always can't stop to look back on the sweet stuffs we left behind.

For everything, thanks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


You can easily spot me in a crowd, because it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't have lots of confidence (okay, this is so cheesy!). Sometimes, no matter how good my clothes are, no matter how hard I'm trying, people around me always seem to look better than me. Sigh. I find it complicated.

By the way, I've changed the header! Not so good, eh? Yeah, my drawing sucks. But don't worry, I'm learning!

Got to take a rest now. So tired after hanging out (in clothes that didn't really suit my hyper personality -- an oversized tee and a skirt!). Good night! Have a blissful weekend ♥

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

junior high

Perhaps I don't write here as much as I used to, right? For that, I'm sorry :) School life's so busy. And my internet connection has been so poor lately.

Since I had no idea about what to write, so let's just talk about school!

Yeah, I've been enjoying school so far, no matter how exhausting it is. If you think I'm only talking about the friends and teachers, you're not 100% right. I also LOVE studying there. Yes, actually it's quite hard to say, but that's the fact. I tend to feel so lazy and tired, but it's fun anyway. I enjoy learning and studying many things, improving my skills, and building my relationships with everyone, of course.

And how about yours, people? Hope you're doing and feeling good :) ♥

Friday, August 19, 2011

bad hair day. phewww.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

can we have that song played again?

I'm planning a makeover for my blog. I'll change the header, the pages, and some other page elements (don't worry, I'll try to keep them simple). Perhaps it will take me quite long. But please stay tuned, because makeover doesn't always mean hiatus :)

Friday, August 12, 2011


Seems like everybody's busy lately. Twitter is crowded with those people who are struggling with their own business (but yet still tweeting, LOL). And I'm in that crowd. School life has been so hard, though I can still enjoy it. But everybody around me looks so exhausted, which makes me feel so sorry about them.

How about you. people? Hope you're doing good :) God bless you all!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

hello funky!

I feel like taking black and white pics lately. Sorry, dear colour lovers :D But instead of using Photoshop to create those B&W effects, I use my phone camera's effect. It's just way lovelier.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Bonjour, people! :)

I don't have so much time to write, so I'll make this quick. Last Monday, I went to Living World mall and Nanny's Pavillon @ Flavor Bliss with my besties. We took some photos there for our arts assignment. I brought my camera phone, but instead of using it to do our photo assignment, I took many random pics there using it. Yeah, I'm the randomest :D

Hey, it's not me! It's Felis!

Sweeties. Hanny and Selvi.

Bella with her toy.

Sorry for being so random in this post. Get to go. Bye! :) wait for my next posts!
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