Saturday, July 2, 2011

cold afternoon

Things to make me feel better :

1. Sitting on my bed next to the window, having a tea-time.

2. Doodling (!).

3. Reading newspapers.

4. Studying, looking for new vocabularies in the dictionary.

5. Taking a shower, using my pink showerpuff .

6. Watching lots of K-dramas.

7. Lying under the blanket wearing my best sweatshirt.

8. Hugging my favourite "candy" bolster, which smells so comfy.

9. Changing my phone profile name from "Silent" to "GET EASY! :)".

10. Taking photos of random things (and sometimes, myself!).

11. Downloading unknown songs from popular artists.

12. Chocolate. Must try.


AkaneD'SiLa said...

wah disini juga daripagi udah ujan deres nhe.. enak buat tidur.. :D

Vilda Witaria said...


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