Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My boyfriend (which is now my ex) has graduated from middle school. The fact that we'd be apart made me promised him to give something as a memento. So I once told him, I'd make him a present. Yes, I said I'd make it by myself. I made him wondering for months. He said he couldn't wait to see what I made. And I, myself, couldn't wait to show it to those curious eyes ;)

But before the project itself finished... we broke up. Somehow, I still loved him. I decided to keep doing that project. Even until today, I'm still doing it. I promise to myself, I'll give it to him someday, no matter what.

If you still have no idea what it is... Here I tell you (I hope he is not reading this!). It is... a kind of sketchbook (more like a scrapbook now) consists of my doodles. I made a doodle a day, just to tell him that I always had a time everyday, even just few minutes, to spill my love on a piece of paper. Some of the doodles I posted in this blog, were originally dedicated to him.

Well, actually I don't think it will please him. My doodles are not always good (even embarrassing sometimes!). But I hope so damn much that he'll like it. And I'll give it to him as soon as we meet. However, I do all these things with love.


Inez said...

That's sweet of u.. Good luck with it! (Anyway, nice to know u and this blog!) ;)

Vilda Witaria said...

thank you very much! nice to know you too ♥

Marcellinus Widya said...


Vilda Witaria said...


irin said...

aww I'm touched yet feel sorry for you. be strong! himnaeyo!

Vilda Witaria said...

thanks :) why did you feel sorry? it's just a 'small' problem :D

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