Sunday, March 13, 2011

a note from my desk

My messy-yet-colourful desk.

I just noticed that many of my friends had just started Tumblr-ing. Even the ones who didn't have blogs or Flickr! That threw me into a thought about making a new Tumblr account, special for my doodles. I've already had a Tumblr, but I decided not to use it again. So, now, I'm thinking about creating a new one :)
In that new account, I'll post my handmade doodles or handwritings. And I guess I won't do the re-blogging activity, neither posting others' pics. I'll make my Tumblr so-me! (I wish I could do that, haha) I know, that can't make my account popular so fast. But let's see if someone will re-blog my doodles :) I hope. 

p.s Just wait for me to finish the concept :D LOL

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