Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 small secrets about vilda :

1. Some people say, I'm childish. I still love cuddling my dolls, drawing on every empty space I find, and many more childish things. But, however, I'm still a teenager, people! :D And I'm proud of it.

2. Although I love fashion a lot, I don't usually dress up. And you can find me in the shopping malls wearing t-shirt (or blouse), jeans, and sneakers. I only dress up for special occasions. But in my own opinion, I'm bad at dressing up.

3. I love taking photos of my feet on cute surfaces.

4. I love almost every kind of cakes, pastries, iced drinks, and other desserts.

5. My fashion inspiration is Korean fashion. I like the way they dress. And... the models' faces are really adorable! :P


Dania Adela said...

me still do the number one too and to bad that i'm not a teenager anymore haha ;p LOL

Vilda Witaria said...

that's okay :P
being childish is fun, btw. so be happy ♥

Char said...

hey dear! could you help me with something? just repost this once in your blog and make the title "I’m helping Charmaine Manlangit on Chiminess First Major Contest!" then just tell me if you did :) thanks a lot! i would really appreciate if you help me :D

Also another thing, you can join that contest too only if u want.. Just visit from my post.. and when you submit your entry, just list me(Charmaine Manlangit) as your referrer.. :) If you just want to though, thanks again! Sorry for disturbing you :D

Vilda Witaria said...

quite complicated, char :)

Anonymous said...

is that converse?

Vilda Witaria said...

no :) but i hope they were (?)

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