Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm sure that some of you, readers, are currently listed as single (like I am!). And maybe some of us, singles, want to find someone to date in this Valentine's day. But, wait, singles! Why don't we try to date ourselves?

Okay, maybe it sounds so tragic. Sounds like we're desperate, we're hopeless. But actually, we're not! It's just a way to love ourselves before we love others. And it's important, FYI. It makes us feel more special and happy with our lives.
So, what can we do for this self-dating?

Go to cinema alone (or with a friend) and choose a random movie.
Go for a walk around our places.
Take photos of ourselves with webcam or self-timer.
Buy chocolates, cards, cupcakes, flowers, hair clips, necklaces, or anything we like for ourselves.
Write on journal, or just create a scrapbook!
Treat ourselves to our favourite cafes or restaurants.
Dance alone to our favourite musics.
Bake cookies or cupcakes with recipes from web or bookstores.
Draw and paint.
Make special hair-dos for our hair. Just keep experimenting.
Wear favourite masks or hats and take photos!
Rollerblade and ice-skate!

And many more... Those are just examples. The point is, we have to be happy this Valentine's Day, instead of being desperate, wishing for the Prince Charming to come :) tee-hee. And... I'm also challenging myself to do this challenge. So let's do it together, and after that we can share the result!

Are you ready, darlings? xx


ninneta said...

Being Single means, you're in your best condition to enjoy the world...



KD said...

hey,that's kinda cool :)
u have been tagged by me

Vilda Witaria said...

@ninneta : aaaah i love that quote xD thanks a lot!

@KD : thank you ♥
ah yes. maybe later ;)

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