Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you notice the change on my drawings?

Yes, I started to use my 0.7 drawing pen instead of black marker :D See? The lines are thinner and less 'strong'. Do you like this? I do :)
And by the way... We got one more shopping mall! Yup, they'd just finished the Living World mall, which is located in Alam Sutera. Just one step away from my house, teehee. It's a good news for me. Last night I went there for a dinner, and I adored the interior design and lightings. But in that place, I felt like left out : everyone was wearing their best clothes. And I wasn't! I felt like the only one who didn't dress fashionably.
Hmm, maybe next time I should be more creative in dressing myself. ♥

So, what's new in your place? :)


Dania Adela said...

i like ur drawing! very cute! :)

Vilda Witaria said...

arigatouuu :) ♥ xx

Doraemon The Movie said...

Wah gambarnya bagus, punya bakat untuk melukis nih sepertinya,hehe..

Ghie Lhanx

Vilda Witaria said...

waduh makasih banget hehehe :) xx

KD said...

cute drawing! hey, miss you! :)

Vilda Witaria said...

thank you KD ;) haha. miss ya too ♥ lol

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