Thursday, February 10, 2011

been gone

Hey, bloggers! I think I had been gone these 3 days without any notice. Sorry, dear. We, the 8th graders, just went to Ciputat for a retreat programme. We stayed there for 3D/2N, and it was damn fun! Yeah, we had a lot of experiences. I found that I loved my class so much ♥
I think I'm gonna miss that place (called Civita). The 'dorms', the bedroom, the activities, the bathrooms, the chapels, the dining room, and last but not least, the people inside it. Hope I can see them all again someday :)

So, what to share right now? I'm probably too tired to write something 'smart' here. I'm typing this, here, just to tell you that I'm still 'alive' and will be back soon with a better post to come!
Anyway, how were your days, people? Just share, and I'd like to listen :D


Ms. Vilda Witaria


Selvi Lorraine said...

aaa pngn banget ngulang lg ><

Vilda Witaria said...

BANGET VI. banget.

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