Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another rapid post

Bonsoir! Sorry for this late post about Valentine's Day Challenge evaluation :D Let me make this quick, okay?

My Valentine's Day was so great! Got a lot of presents. And also, lots of love from people around me. Being single wasn't a problem for me to enjoy my Val's Day. But hey, finally someone ruined my mood. And I got a little bit angry. But it didn't stop me to spread the love. I decided to stand up again, smile, and continue enjoying my Val's Day as a single. Even dating couples around me didn't make me feel envy or jealous or something. Thank God, my family, and my friends for that ♥

Phew. Too quick, I guess? I have no more time to write. So, good night, and cao! xx

 The pattern of the shorts I currently wear.

Ms. Vilda Witaria

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