Sunday, February 27, 2011

the new ones!

I wish my legs were as great as Onyx's :D (#marchwish)


Ms. Vilda Witaria

Saturday, February 26, 2011


1. Striped bow

2. Mrs. Violet

3. A tree of ours

4. behind the bushes

5. Bricked

Thursday, February 24, 2011

plushy alien

My friend(s) asked me to design a t-shirt for our class. What a great opportunity for me! :) It wasn't a big project, but I enjoyed it. I kept daydreaming : what the t-shirts will look like? How does it feel to see my design printed on a t-shirt? Maybe it would be great. I hope.

Because this is my first project, I'm open for feedbacks. How's my design? :)

(The colours aren't vivid enough. I should ask my friend Felisia to scan this pic and edit the colours with her graphic tablet)

back (hip)
(Sorry, but I like to draw characters without noses lol)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you notice the change on my drawings?

Yes, I started to use my 0.7 drawing pen instead of black marker :D See? The lines are thinner and less 'strong'. Do you like this? I do :)
And by the way... We got one more shopping mall! Yup, they'd just finished the Living World mall, which is located in Alam Sutera. Just one step away from my house, teehee. It's a good news for me. Last night I went there for a dinner, and I adored the interior design and lightings. But in that place, I felt like left out : everyone was wearing their best clothes. And I wasn't! I felt like the only one who didn't dress fashionably.
Hmm, maybe next time I should be more creative in dressing myself. ♥

So, what's new in your place? :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

broken bow

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another rapid post

Bonsoir! Sorry for this late post about Valentine's Day Challenge evaluation :D Let me make this quick, okay?

My Valentine's Day was so great! Got a lot of presents. And also, lots of love from people around me. Being single wasn't a problem for me to enjoy my Val's Day. But hey, finally someone ruined my mood. And I got a little bit angry. But it didn't stop me to spread the love. I decided to stand up again, smile, and continue enjoying my Val's Day as a single. Even dating couples around me didn't make me feel envy or jealous or something. Thank God, my family, and my friends for that ♥

Phew. Too quick, I guess? I have no more time to write. So, good night, and cao! xx

 The pattern of the shorts I currently wear.

Ms. Vilda Witaria

Monday, February 14, 2011

dear myself

Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggers! 

It's Valentine's Day already, and I'm so damn happy. I got some chocolate bars and greeting cards. Sound so usual, but they really make my day!

I even bought a bar of chocolate for myself, decorated it, and... wrote a greeting card for myself (I didn't know how could it be so ridiculous).

And... cards from two others ;)

Thank you for those all, guys. And I'll make a quick post about my Valentine's Day Challenge tomorrow :) Wait for me! Wait for me!

big hugs,

Ms. Vilda Witaria

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm sure that some of you, readers, are currently listed as single (like I am!). And maybe some of us, singles, want to find someone to date in this Valentine's day. But, wait, singles! Why don't we try to date ourselves?

Okay, maybe it sounds so tragic. Sounds like we're desperate, we're hopeless. But actually, we're not! It's just a way to love ourselves before we love others. And it's important, FYI. It makes us feel more special and happy with our lives.
So, what can we do for this self-dating?

Go to cinema alone (or with a friend) and choose a random movie.
Go for a walk around our places.
Take photos of ourselves with webcam or self-timer.
Buy chocolates, cards, cupcakes, flowers, hair clips, necklaces, or anything we like for ourselves.
Write on journal, or just create a scrapbook!
Treat ourselves to our favourite cafes or restaurants.
Dance alone to our favourite musics.
Bake cookies or cupcakes with recipes from web or bookstores.
Draw and paint.
Make special hair-dos for our hair. Just keep experimenting.
Wear favourite masks or hats and take photos!
Rollerblade and ice-skate!

And many more... Those are just examples. The point is, we have to be happy this Valentine's Day, instead of being desperate, wishing for the Prince Charming to come :) tee-hee. And... I'm also challenging myself to do this challenge. So let's do it together, and after that we can share the result!

Are you ready, darlings? xx

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Finally I changed the header! ;) Maybe it doesn't look so pinky like people usually make for Valentine's day. But I tried to keep the main theme : love. Yes, hearts everywhere, don't you see? ♥
Feel free to drop comments, btw.
And... tomorrow I'll be back with Valentine's day challenge for you, single ladies! :D xx

Thursday, February 10, 2011

been gone

Hey, bloggers! I think I had been gone these 3 days without any notice. Sorry, dear. We, the 8th graders, just went to Ciputat for a retreat programme. We stayed there for 3D/2N, and it was damn fun! Yeah, we had a lot of experiences. I found that I loved my class so much ♥
I think I'm gonna miss that place (called Civita). The 'dorms', the bedroom, the activities, the bathrooms, the chapels, the dining room, and last but not least, the people inside it. Hope I can see them all again someday :)

So, what to share right now? I'm probably too tired to write something 'smart' here. I'm typing this, here, just to tell you that I'm still 'alive' and will be back soon with a better post to come!
Anyway, how were your days, people? Just share, and I'd like to listen :D


Ms. Vilda Witaria

Friday, February 4, 2011

the c-day

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hmmm I know it's too late. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have any time to just update my blog. I didn't even have any time to change my blog's header! Hahaha so sorry, readers. Actually I had an idea for the header already, but it's kinda difficult to make it. Plus, I had no time :(
Again, sorry readers.
Currently, I'm thinking about making another header for Valentine's day. And also, a Valentine's Day Challenge I made for singles! :D
Be patient, okay? I'll be back a.s.a.p. I promise.


Ms. Vilda Witaria

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

recent phone photos

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