Friday, December 17, 2010


Thank God I'm Fourteen!

And bonjour, readers! Maybe some of you already knew that yesterday's my birthday. Yes, finally I'm fourteen. Time does walk slow. I even thought I was fifteen.

I didn't have any celebration yesterday. But I got the best birthday present ever : the 1st rank! That's true, I got the 1st place finally! It was kinda unbelievable. I thought my marks weren't good enough to push me to the 1st place. But I was wrong - they were! 

Some friends said, they would give me birthday presents later (after the holidays). Dear friends, you all are the best gift ever given to my life! So you don't have to give me birthday presents or something like that, but... if you really wanted to, I just can say : merci beaucoup! For all the great moments and life lessons you gave to me, and for being by my side always, either in joy and sorrow. Many thanks.

My mom bought me a birthday tart from Dapur Cokelat, and it was quite delicious :) I really do love chocolate. Plus, it was good looking as well! Yummm

Do enjoy the pics, readers! And thank you very berry much for this great birthday! 

xoxo ♥,

Ms.Vilda Witaria


AkaneD'SiLa said...

wah wah..
HBD ya...
Wish u all d'best

Vilda Witaria said...

hahaha of coursee :)

thank you very much (again) ♥
GBU always ~

Selvi Lorraine said...

chocolate yummy ♥

Vilda Witaria said...

yes, it is, selvi :)
btw I almost forgot to post about your birthday present! hahaha

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