Thursday, December 30, 2010


New Year, New Header! :)
But did you know, people, the header originally looked like the pic below :

Yes, black and white. So where did the colours come from? 

I didn't use watercolour or something like that. It actually happened by accident. When I was editing that pic, I clicked at "Color Enhance" mode and... voila!, the graph paper turned colourful. Do you think it's good? :)


Esther Angela said...

it look nicer with color :D

AkaneD'SiLa said...

ih lucu bangetz lho..
simple tapi aku suka


Vilda Witaria said...

@poppimeshi : hahaha it's kinda surprising :) thanks

@akane: makasih lhoo... hahaha :D xoxo

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