Thursday, December 23, 2010

new! for christmas

Did you notice my new header? :D Actually I was a little bit uninspired in making this header. I knew I shouldn't give too many colours on my doodle, so I decided to make this black-and-white doodle with a touch of... newspaper? Hahaha hope you like it :)


Keziiaiueo said...

Nice header vil!

Vilda Witaria said...

gomawo, kezia :)

Esther Angela said...

love your header :D

Orchid Beatrix said...

thx 4 the comment..Vilda i love ur doodle too much it's really seriously cute!! :) keep it on!! ;)

Vilda Witaria said...

@poppimeshi : thankieees :) xoxo ♥

@orchid : haha thanks for your lovely comment too ♥ love xx

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