Tuesday, December 7, 2010

f for freedom

I'm so happy, realizing that the final exam is over! :D Yesterday I went for a walk with friends and sister at SMS, from Gramedia to Food Tempation, and from Timezone to XXI. Yes, freedom made us crazy xD
How about the exam itself? Okay, it was quite easy -- or at least, easier than the mid term exam. Though, I'm not really sure the result will be good enough. I didn't study very well.

Nice to see you all again, readers I really miss reading your posts, and also, writing my own posts. 
Wait for my next posts, dear!


AkaneD'SiLa said...

wah udah selese ya UAS nya
aku baru dimulai nih

Vilda Witaria said...

hahaha tiap skolah beda-beda ni :D
good luck yaa ♥

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