Friday, December 3, 2010

brand new change

People, I've changed my header again. This time, the theme is... Vividblack's 14th birthday. Yes, my birthday! I'll be 14 on December 16th :)
And... that's true, I cropped the header. I cut the heart bulbs above the girl's head, because it made my header looked too large. I guess you know who the hungry girl beside the cake is :)
As usual, I'm waiting for your comments about this new header! ♥


Esther Angela said...

nice header :D
i wish i can do doodling like you

Vilda Witaria said...

it's just an ordinary doodle, poppimeshi :)
i'm sure you can do more ♥

thank you btw

ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...

sadarkah agan bahwa tulisannya miring? (sebenernya Bannernya)

Crystopper said...

don't give your doodle many colors, taste-nya jadi hilang.
stay in black and white, itu lebih keren.

Vilda Witaria said...

@reo : yes yes i know hahaha

@crystopper : oh i see... wow makasih banget ya sarannya, crys :) :) :) lain kali bnw aja deh

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