Thursday, December 30, 2010


New Year, New Header! :)
But did you know, people, the header originally looked like the pic below :

Yes, black and white. So where did the colours come from? 

I didn't use watercolour or something like that. It actually happened by accident. When I was editing that pic, I clicked at "Color Enhance" mode and... voila!, the graph paper turned colourful. Do you think it's good? :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

tropical winter

So finally I got a name for her : Viva Veronyx (sounds a bit robotic, huh?). Viva is a name which appeared suddenly on my mind, and Veronyx stands for the name Veronique and Onyx. We can call her Onyx. Hahaha I chose Onyx, because I really liked that kind of stone. What's your opinion, then? :D

And about the design... it looked just like a combination of winter style and summer style.

She wears:
♥ grey cap
♥ white blazer
♥ fuchsia scarf
♥ floral print skirt
♥ black opaque
♥ white wedges

Do you think the combination is good enough?

snow everywhere

Above : from Breadtalk. The sugar sprinkle gave it a 'snowy mountain' look :D

feliz navidad ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

new! for christmas

Did you notice my new header? :D Actually I was a little bit uninspired in making this header. I knew I shouldn't give too many colours on my doodle, so I decided to make this black-and-white doodle with a touch of... newspaper? Hahaha hope you like it :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pastel morning

Hi readers! I just gave a new hairstyle to this girl (I'm thinking about giving her a name). Does she look prettier with curly hair? :)
I picked her a vintage black-and-white top, pastel peach vintage skirt, mini fedora, black-and-white socks, and pastel pink floral shoes. Yeah, I wanted to give her a sweet and simple look . What do you think? :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

bufday present

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I forgot :D Lucky me, when I was looking at my phone photos again, I realized that I forgot to post this! Haha.

Selvi, a best friend of mine, gave me a cute t-shirt as my birthday present two days ago :) Yes, I should emphasize : it's so cute. How did she know that I love cartoon prints on t-shirts? I really should ask her teehee ♥

All I can say to her is : BIG THANKS ! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

flick flock flip flop. flickr.

Just got a flickr account. Visit me and... see you there :)


Thank God I'm Fourteen!

And bonjour, readers! Maybe some of you already knew that yesterday's my birthday. Yes, finally I'm fourteen. Time does walk slow. I even thought I was fifteen.

I didn't have any celebration yesterday. But I got the best birthday present ever : the 1st rank! That's true, I got the 1st place finally! It was kinda unbelievable. I thought my marks weren't good enough to push me to the 1st place. But I was wrong - they were! 

Some friends said, they would give me birthday presents later (after the holidays). Dear friends, you all are the best gift ever given to my life! So you don't have to give me birthday presents or something like that, but... if you really wanted to, I just can say : merci beaucoup! For all the great moments and life lessons you gave to me, and for being by my side always, either in joy and sorrow. Many thanks.

My mom bought me a birthday tart from Dapur Cokelat, and it was quite delicious :) I really do love chocolate. Plus, it was good looking as well! Yummm

Do enjoy the pics, readers! And thank you very berry much for this great birthday! 

xoxo ♥,

Ms.Vilda Witaria

Thursday, December 16, 2010

fourteen! ding dong!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sugar sprinkle

My mom's so busy these days, baking cookies for Christmas. Of course, the cookies are not for us. Instead, we'll sell them. But hey, that means we can still get extra $ ! :D However, the best part of baking cookies is the fact that I can steal some from the jar!

I really do love the Christmas air. Shopping centres play Jingle Bells through the speakers. They also decorate their ceilings and... put Christmas trees in the main lobbies! That's so Christmas.

And tomorrow is my birthday, by the way :) I don't think my friends will give me a birthday surprise, but that's okay -- honestly. All I want for my birthday and Christmas is...... happiness!

Happy December, readers!

Ms. Vilda Witaria

Sunday, December 12, 2010

christmas pick

She wears:
♥ Santa's hat
♥ Stars tees
♥ Jeans skirt
♥ Suede shoes

I was inspired by the Christmas atmosphere around me. Maybe some of you think: "Why didn't I give colours to this design? It's Christmas!" So let me tell you this : I'm in love with black and white design. I knew I should colour this design with Christmas colours, like red, gold, or green. But I couldn't help -- I prefer using black and white this time.
Maybe next time I'll colour my designs? Who knows?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sneak peek

I found it's hard to make a drawing similar to the real object. And again, look, my drawing is a little bit untidy - the pencil sketches, the messy wet ink...
But I love the sneakers by the way. Yes, I like to wear sneakers everywhere. That inspired me to make this drawing :)
Is it lovable? Do comment, dear

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

f for freedom

I'm so happy, realizing that the final exam is over! :D Yesterday I went for a walk with friends and sister at SMS, from Gramedia to Food Tempation, and from Timezone to XXI. Yes, freedom made us crazy xD
How about the exam itself? Okay, it was quite easy -- or at least, easier than the mid term exam. Though, I'm not really sure the result will be good enough. I didn't study very well.

Nice to see you all again, readers I really miss reading your posts, and also, writing my own posts. 
Wait for my next posts, dear!

fly away

Yes people, I'm not really good at drawing human activities, like jumping, running, walking, or so. In this doodle, I used colour markers and colour pencils. Do you like it?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

shooting stars.

 I'm in love with macro photography :)

I took those photos when I was studying for the exam few days ago. Geez, I couldn't keep my hands away from the phone! (especially since I was bored of studying that time) I felt like the laziest girl alive.
By the way, students will receive their report books on December 16th. My birthday! Oh geez, I'm not sure about the result! Hope it's as good as my expectation! ♥

Friday, December 3, 2010

brand new change

People, I've changed my header again. This time, the theme is... Vividblack's 14th birthday. Yes, my birthday! I'll be 14 on December 16th :)
And... that's true, I cropped the header. I cut the heart bulbs above the girl's head, because it made my header looked too large. I guess you know who the hungry girl beside the cake is :)
As usual, I'm waiting for your comments about this new header! ♥

still here

location : in front of  the church ♥
Dear readers,

Sorry for being absent these days. I had the 1st term final exam this week, which threw me into a dark place, alone, far away from my phone and PC. Just me and my textbooks *sigh*. 
Okay, not that bad, actually. 

But I've been so exhausted, so I decided to write something here. So, here I am, updating this blog, just to give you a sign that I'm still alive! :D

This is not going to be a long post. But I promise, I'll be right back on Monday -- the last day of the exam. Wait for me, readers! Love you all ♥


Ms. Vilda Witaria
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