Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Year-End Story

Hello there, little friend! ♥

So now we're in the last months of 2010, and I'm looking back on what I've achieved so far. I guess I've reached some of the goals I set on the last New Year's Eve. Let's see :

Goal #1 : Hmmm... I don't think I've been so diligent this year.

Goal #2 : Yes, of course I've met some new people and most of them are superbly nice!

Goal #3 :  I really have NOT. I fell in love with the piano *ahem* so I abandoned my guitar for a while. Oopsy-daisy.

Goal #4 : Not sure!

Goal #5 : I don't think so.

Goal #6 : Hahahaha back to goal #1

Goal #7 : NO. Probably I've been spending so much money this year! *sigh*

Goal #8 : LOTS. I've been writing a lot, especially about that cute guy.

Goal #9 : Hmm... maybe :) the good news is, I've been starting going to church every Sunday. That's great.

Goal #10 : I don't know. Ask my mommy.

Well, actually I had set one more goal that time, but I didn't write it. Here's it :
Goal #11 : Get a boyfriend!
Ah yes! I had reached this woo-hoo! :D I had my first relationship this year, and I think I'm not going to jump to the second one *tee-hee*.

Okay, I've reached 3 goals and I still have 1 month left to reach the rest! I don't think I can, but let's try :) So, wish me luck, guys! ♥
How about your goals/targets/resolutions by the way?

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