Saturday, November 27, 2010

shameless sharing.

Yesterday I saw a photo of a beautiful girl on Facebook. And she reminded me of someone : my arch enemy. Yes, she was the sister of my arch enemy. A boy I liked. I used to like him a lot.
I decided to re-read an old threat between me and him. I read the messages I sent to him, and I went, "Hey, I was very stupid!!!"

So it started like this :

I used to love him, but I knew he didn't. He also knew that I liked him, and he didn't care about me at all. Though, he still replied my messages on Facebook, even it was just a super-short message, like "OK", "zzzz", or "Oh." Like people always said, "Love is blind", so I didn't care about it. I kept sending messages to him, trying to build a friendship with him. Yes, I know, it's such a disgusting thing! The biggest mistake I've ever done!

And one day, I made a mistake and he got really mad. He started to hate me, and the war started! I said "Sorry" to him desperately, but he didn't want to. He kept blaming me, and his words really hurt me. Seriously, he was a Mr.Devil.
We had a big fight. But finally I gave up. I was completely sad. I cried myself to sleep. I blamed myself. I felt so hurt. Felt like I was the stupidest person alive. Believe me, it really was a bad day.

"As the time goes by", I met a boy who was much better than Mr.Devil. I thought my story with Mr.Devil had been ended. I didn't feel guilty, sad, or something like that anymore, although there was still a feeling like "Euwh, I liked him? How stupid!"

But I was wrong.

Few days ago, I found out that he still hated me... and I went so angry. "Hey dude, I DON'T LIKE YOU! AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!"
Yes, I wondered why he still looked at me that way.

And I guess I really used to be a stupid girl. That's loathsome.

p.s Don't get mad, people. I just want to share this little yucky story with you :)


AkaneD'SiLa said...

how pity you are ..
be patient
all will pass

Vilda Witaria said...

sure :)
thank you very much ♥

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