Wednesday, October 6, 2010

scorching and freezing

 The weather's bad these few days that me, my sister, and my mom fell sick (I mean few days ago!). Well, I was luckier than them. I just got a little fever, meanwhile they got stomachaches. My mom wasn't able to cook dinner, so I went to drive-in restaurant. With my jacket, of course. At least, hey, it was fun to combine my jacket with shorts and slippers!

Yes, the weather changes extremely. Scorching days, freezing nights. We don't want to fell sick, right? So, keep eating healthy foods and drinking enough mineral water. And don't forget to exercise and sleep enough!

p.s Now, I'm officially a student council CANDIDATE. After a long brainstorm, I decided to take this big opportunity. Wish me luck, guys!

Cupcakes and Confetti,

Vilda Witaria


Ms.Black_rabbit said...

have you give the Letter to Mr.Marwoto?
I think you said that you won't be the candidate!!
but i am relieved that you will!!!

Michelle Yau said...

hmm... weather is strange.. global warming lol

Vilda Witaria said...

@felis : yes i have dear :) hahaha wish me luck!

@michelle : yup. that's scary D:

angie said...

goodluck, girl :D
the weather's here also lame

Vilda Witaria said...

yepp, it's just the same D:

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