Monday, October 11, 2010

my doodling kit -- just for your info

I don't exactly know what to share here, so... I decide to share a little about my doodling kit. Yes, the things I use to create doodles. Well, I know, it's not really important, but I hope it won't be boring :)

So, I usually use :
Snowman black marker. Cheap, easy to use and get.
Sometimes, a pencil and an eraser. I don't usually use them, but they're useful for complicated doodles.
A graph paper. You can still use plain paper or anything like that, but I like graph paper the most. I have a lot of them, because I used to use graph paper notebooks for maths when I was in elementary school.
Colour pencils.
Snowman colour markers. Just in case I need stronger colours.
I take photos of the doodles instead of scanning them, so I need a camera of course. But I still think scanning is better. 

Next time, I'd like to share more about doodling. Maybe some tips? Or links? Or the process?
Just wait and see :)

Any comments about my doodle? ♥


Keziiaiueo said...

I do love your post darl :)

Vilda Witaria said...

thank you, babe :) i adore your posts as well ♥

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