Saturday, October 2, 2010

browsing and digging

I've been digging around the web, just looking for great articles to read. And I found these links (they're good to read!) :

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. They had such a great festival!
8 Tips For Maintaining Friendships. Hey, everybody loves making friends, right?
Seth Godin's  Rules for Your About Page
Facts about Xantham Gum. Okay, it's not that horrible, people :)
White + Black Room by Door Sixteen. You'd love it!
 Crazy Things to Do for Fun. Sometimes, we need to be crazy. Because it's fun.

Okay, maybe that's enough. I'm in the midst of the mid-term exam, so I guess I'm going to study hard tonight instead of writing here. Sure I'll be back ASAP, so just wait for my next post. Catch you later, and bye :)

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