Sunday, October 31, 2010

morning photo series

I think I haven't been posting photo series for weeks, so this morning I decided to take some photos of the objects around my house. Taking photos in the morning was a great fun -- and the fun was even greater (?) because I just found that my phone camera has got a macro focus setting in it. Yes, I found it JUST NOW. It makes my photos more artistic -- the focuses become clearer and the backgrounds become blurred. That is nice enough for me.

So, in the pics above : some beautiful plants in my garden, a cookie with chocolate chips, my comfy's ornament, and my new sneakers.

By the way, happy halloween readers! Boo and bye! :o

Love, chocolate, and confetti,

Ms. Vilda Witaria

Saturday, October 30, 2010

new crazy self-portraits

A-hey! That over-sized coat looks better in pics than in the real life. I found it somewhere, and showed it to my mom straightaway. She said, that coat was my uncle's, but my uncle left it in my house more than 10 years ago. Wow.
It's sooo large that I feel like shrinking suddenly tee-hee xD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

yippie-yay! ♥

Yesterday I wrote a letter to my psychology teacher about him, and here's her reply (of course she wrote in Indonesian, but I try to translate it into English) :

Hi Vilda!

After reading your letter, I can simply say that he still loves you, but he doesn’t want to get into a relationship (The reason? You can ask him. Maybe he isn't ready yet, or he wanted to focus on his study, or maybe he isn't allowed... etc.)

Maybe that's why he always stays away from you. He worried that you would fall in love again with him, and it would be harder for you to let him go. He doesn’t want to hurt you again.

That's from his point of view. Meanwhile, he doesn't know that it makes you want him more, love him more. As a matter of fact, girls are more emotional, so they dream so much, they have a lot of imagination...

Consider this honestly : is it true that you just want to be his friend? Or maybe you want more? Who do you treat him as?

If you really want to be just a friend for him, you don't really have to tell him your true feelings. You don't have to worry about what he thinks about you. The truth is, he doesn't want to get back with you again. Remember it. Now, you have to change yourself : try not to imagine about him. Stop trying hard to communicate with him. Those all just make you want more!
Especially if you dream too high (e.g. imagining about these : he comes to you, and then says 'I love you', and then asks you whether you want to get back with him)

Find things to do with your life, build friendship with more people, and then you can really consider him as a friend, not more.
You don't have to feel guilty -- this is normal! The more you feel guilty, the more it's difficult for you to forget him.

Just try it, girl! I know that the falling-in-love thingies are complicated and difficult to solve. It takes time, but of course YOU CAN!
I'm looking forward to hear more about your problem ...

♥ ♥

Aww, I feel much better after reading that! What she said is just so true! And sure I’ll take her advice. You Rock, Ma’am! ♥

Sunday, October 24, 2010

remember : you said 'forever'.

Dear you,

I wish you knew that I'd been trying to forget you, but everytime I saw you, our memories came back to my mind. It was horrible, dear. 

Hope you can understand.

With love,

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hey, I've been so busy this week. I have set up some goals and am trying to reach them all. So here I am : being a Ms.Busy in some school activities, studying hard to get good marks, trying to take almost all of the opportunities given... It's such a big obsession of mine. I even don't know whether it's right or not. 
Currently, my class is preparing for a vocal group competition which will be held on November 2nd by our school. I guess I'll take part in it :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

may day

Thank Reo, Chris, and Felis, I've moved all the links to stand-alone pages above and my sidebar looks neater now :) It's all about page source -- much easier than I thought..
By the way, my English teacher asked me to write an article in English for our school magazine. Oh my God, I'm not sure whether I want to take this opportunity or not. First of all, I have no idea what to write. He said, I should write a useful article, like what I wrote in this blog. But what?
Secondly, I'm not sure I can write perfectly without any mistakes. And thirdly, I'm too shy to contribute my writing to a magazine that everyone in my school can read (and not to mention, the parents)!!!
And the worst news is... I have to submit the article to my teacher this Friday!
Yes, it's such a big dilemma for me. I know it's a good media to promote my writing *ahem*.. But what if I make mistakes? It will be soooo embarrassing :(
Oh help me please! *desperate*

 An icing tart from my mom's friend

Saturday, October 16, 2010

cleaning the mess

Did you notice my new header? I decided to use my doodle as the header instead of photo. It was originally like this before I cropped and edited it :

By the way, I think my sidebar is starting to be messy! It seems like I've put too many links there. Of course I'm not going to remove those links, readers :) I'm just considering about moving them to a stand-alone page. But it will take me so long to copy all the web addresses ( + the owners' names!) and paste them to the page. That's going to be completely exhausting. What do you think I should do? Comment please :)

Lots of love, chocolate, and confetti ♥,

Ms. Vilda Witaria

collaboration with ms. black rabbit

Few days ago, I had a little doodle project together with a classmate during the class. She's Felis (also known as Ms. Black Rabbit), an amazing geeky girl. She loves doodling as well as I do, so I feel completely lucky to be her friend :)
We often make doodles during the class (don't try this at school!) and it's great fun!
So this is one of our doodles. She 'did' the frog, and I 'did' the handwriting (actually, I was inspired by Felis too).

What do you think about our collaboration? :D We're going to make some more doodles, so wait for us! ♥

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

gonna miss it.

Guess what... My Sony Ericsson phone has been broken since yesterday. Geez, I don't feel like uploading photos for days (or even weeks?). Actually, it's not mine -- it's my mom's. But I really love using it. Now, me, my sister, and my mom, are considering about getting a NEW phone. Okay, I don't really care about it -- as long as the new phone's camera is as good. Yes, I only care about the camera. I need a good camera ASAP!
My sister wanted to buy a Gemini. Do you think it's good enough?

But I guess, I'm gonna miss that Sony Ericsson phone. I feel so sad, realizing that I'll no longer using it. It feels like losing a good friend.Yes, to be honest, I'm afraid of losing. I love every stuff I have. My childhood stuffs, my gadgets, my clothes, my accessories... Okay I know, that sounds really lame now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

my doodling kit -- just for your info

I don't exactly know what to share here, so... I decide to share a little about my doodling kit. Yes, the things I use to create doodles. Well, I know, it's not really important, but I hope it won't be boring :)

So, I usually use :
Snowman black marker. Cheap, easy to use and get.
Sometimes, a pencil and an eraser. I don't usually use them, but they're useful for complicated doodles.
A graph paper. You can still use plain paper or anything like that, but I like graph paper the most. I have a lot of them, because I used to use graph paper notebooks for maths when I was in elementary school.
Colour pencils.
Snowman colour markers. Just in case I need stronger colours.
I take photos of the doodles instead of scanning them, so I need a camera of course. But I still think scanning is better. 

Next time, I'd like to share more about doodling. Maybe some tips? Or links? Or the process?
Just wait and see :)

Any comments about my doodle? ♥

Friday, October 8, 2010

photos everywhere

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

scorching and freezing

 The weather's bad these few days that me, my sister, and my mom fell sick (I mean few days ago!). Well, I was luckier than them. I just got a little fever, meanwhile they got stomachaches. My mom wasn't able to cook dinner, so I went to drive-in restaurant. With my jacket, of course. At least, hey, it was fun to combine my jacket with shorts and slippers!

Yes, the weather changes extremely. Scorching days, freezing nights. We don't want to fell sick, right? So, keep eating healthy foods and drinking enough mineral water. And don't forget to exercise and sleep enough!

p.s Now, I'm officially a student council CANDIDATE. After a long brainstorm, I decided to take this big opportunity. Wish me luck, guys!

Cupcakes and Confetti,

Vilda Witaria

Saturday, October 2, 2010

browsing and digging

I've been digging around the web, just looking for great articles to read. And I found these links (they're good to read!) :

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. They had such a great festival!
8 Tips For Maintaining Friendships. Hey, everybody loves making friends, right?
Seth Godin's  Rules for Your About Page
Facts about Xantham Gum. Okay, it's not that horrible, people :)
White + Black Room by Door Sixteen. You'd love it!
 Crazy Things to Do for Fun. Sometimes, we need to be crazy. Because it's fun.

Okay, maybe that's enough. I'm in the midst of the mid-term exam, so I guess I'm going to study hard tonight instead of writing here. Sure I'll be back ASAP, so just wait for my next post. Catch you later, and bye :)
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